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Liquid Image Scuba Series, Summit Series, Impact Series, Freestyle Series Camera Goggles and Masks

Liquid Image, the name says it all… these point of view cameras originally started with the Explorer Series and evolved into the HD Scuba Series and are made for under water leaving your hands free as you explore. For the Skiers and Snowboarders, Swimmers, and Motocross riders out there, Liquid Image has tailored their killer design into a variety of stellar goggle cameras, available in 3 newseries: the Summit Series, Impact Series, and Freestyle Series allow you to capture wicked footage no matter what your sport. The beauty behind the Liquid Image design is the unique fact that the camera is integrated right into the masks and goggles - fitting securely on your face, just like a regular dive mask, ski/snowboard, motocross or swim goggles would. They also stow right into your gear bag, eliminating the need for any storing a separate pov cameras or mounts.

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Cornering the market with quality point of view recording, Liquid Image's line of cameras range in price and accommodate almost every budget. They allow the user to easily capture their point of view through a wide angle lens from the depths of the ocean or the top of a mountain, without added weight. Back in the day, if you wanted to record underwater or on the slopes, you had to load yourself down with some pretty bulky equipment. With the integration of a high tech recording system into Liquid Image's unique design, you're free to dive as deep as you can or shred the highest mountains, handsfree.

The company began with the launch of a swim mask with combined pov camera in 2009. Since then, they haven't stopped developing equipment that works, capturing your point of view to share with others again and again. As the company continues to move forward, they have released models featuring higher resolutions, including full 1080p HD, increasing the depth ratings of their Scuba cameras for those deep divers out there, and breaking into camera goggles for all types of sports.

Starting with the Explorer Series camera mask, users get a 15 feet (5m) depth rating making this line ideal for activities like snorkeling or shallow diving. Next came the Liquid Image Video Series recording at D1 resolution. For deep dives, LIC released theScuba Series featuring 720p HD, depth ratings up 130 feet (40m) and wider field of view, allowing viewers to see below the surface of the water with a true, crystal clear depiction of the dive. Liquid Image also has a broad spectrum of available accessories, including filters and underwater side lights to get the most out of filming in any condition or location.

Liquid Image didn't stop at dive cameras. In the past year, they have tailored their killer design into innovative goggle cameras for the skiers, snowboarders, swimmers, and motocross riders with the Summit Series, Impact Series, and Freestyle Series. The best part is, you capture every second from your point of view right from your goggles.

Liquid Image has provided a range of camera systems to let you get the most out of every adventure, with crystal clear recordings from one, easy to use, unique camera design. Be free with a versatile dive mask or ski goggle camera from Liquid Image.

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