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Mounts and Accessories for VIO POV Cameras

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  1. Pocket XShot Camera Extender - Collapsed

    Pocket XShot Monopod Camera Extender

    On Sale For: $29.95

    If you are looking to grab some tricky angles, or you want to be in the group picture for onceā€¦ this is the tool for you. The Pocket XShot Camera Extender lengthens your reach by up to 30.5" (77.5cm) so you can eliminate any awkward pictures taken at arms length, or get a great perspective when tearing down the street on your longboard.

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  2. VIO Tubular Rail Mount for POV Cameras

    VIO Tubular Rail Mount for POV Cameras

    On Sale For: $11.95

    Use the tubular mount and the supplied zip ties to mount your camera to a tubular structure such as bike handle bar - parallel mount. Learn More
  3. Drift GoPro Mount Adapter

    Drift Mount Adapter

    On Sale For: $12.99

    The Drift Mount Adapter allows you to attach nearly any camera to any GoPro mount. For example, you can attach a Drift or Contour camera to the GoPro Chesty. This works for any camera with a standard 1/4"-20 thread.

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  4. Pedco Universal UltraClamp Mount

    Pedco Universal UltraClamp Mount

    On Sale For: $29.99

    The Pedco Universal UltraClamp allows you to attach your camera to almost any object up to 1.5" thick.

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