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Action cameras, also known as point of view cameras, it is a small video camcorder meant specially for shooting mostly outdoor sports action sequences and specialized recordings. Confusion sets in as these cameras go by so many names. All these action cameras are attached to the helmets of outdoor sports enthusiasts and so are also called helmet cameras. Action cams make use of wide angle lenses which permit capturing "right in the moment" action footage. As these cameras are connected to the helmets, the viewer is able to see and sense immersed from the perspective of the enthusiast. Action camera technology has lately been accepted by a lot of action sports aficionados and they have even found their way into more job interrelated uses for instructors, real estate agents, firemen and even military tactical forces.

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These action cameras are specially built in order that they could be easily mounted or taken away from the helmets. The ensuing unique hands free perspective makes it very advantageous to skiers, cyclists, and motorbike aficionados as they could easily begin recording breathtaking videos without the need to threaten their lives by taking their hands off their sports equipment.

One may begin to think whether these action cameras could endure all types of natural uneven surroundings. Because these action cams were planned with a "tank tough" reason in mind, they are created to be water resistant, shock resistant, and strong in order that they stay fully functional during the user's exploits. Moutain climbers will not need to fret about loose rubble striking their action cameras, whereas considering the fact that they are water resistant there should be no anxiety about environmental damage for most sports fans.

Numerous models of helmet cameras are 100% waterproof. Waterproof action cameras are specifically for water based action such as surfing, white water rafting and parasailing. There is even a brand of HD snorkeling mask video cameras.

While for skiing enthusiasts, their earlier "action cameras" consisted of full sized camcorders attached to their helmet which never allowed a full viewing experience for the viewers. However, the most modernly designed point of view cameras are created to oppose not only the misuse of vibration but also any kind of mud or wet spots that it is possible to encounter.

These action cameras are usually fitted either straight onto the forehead of the helmet or to the side; depending upon the user's preference. As soon as a videographer turns on the camera, the lens activates and captures the scenery with automatic contrast, white balance and other aspects. This information is then transmitted automatically to the video-recording unit which then captures the panorama. This footage recording will carry on until the battery dies or the memory card is fully occupied.

Considering the fact that these types of action cameras are featherweight, small and are very tough, they have very reasonable price labels. Prices stretch from approximately $120 for SD Gopros whereas mid price cameras like the Vholdr ContourHd are around $350 and high end products like the Vio Pov 1.5 go for approximately $700. Therefore these video cameras are available for anyone's price range requirement. It does not matter if you are a serious or semi pro sports enthusiast. A helmet cam is indeed meant for you!

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