iPhone Tips and Tricks: Slow-mo for Instagram

Here is a step by step how to create slow motion videos for Instagram. Instagram doesn't support slow motion video so we show you how to do it fast and easy using the iMovie App.

Used creatively, slow motion can alter mood and give a dramatic effect or just show moves in detail that happen too fast at regular speed. Experiment and see how it affects your videos.

Video made by Hitcase - waterproof, mountable case for iPhone
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Vidometer Data Telemetry App

Vidometer - How Fast? How High? Prove it!

Record videos with Street Maps, Satellite Maps, Speed, Altitude, Compass Heading, G-Force + Acceleration Forces, GPS Coordinates, Latitude, Longitude, Elevation, Distance Traveled, Current Location, and other telemetry data.

Transform your iPhone into the ultimate action camera - combining your videos with a heads up display.

Vidometer records HD video with an animated graphical overlay. Watch the live camera feed, play back videos, save videos, and share your videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Download it for free on the App Store

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AT Showdown - Reno Shoot’n Mount’n Bik’n Blues!

Biggest little edit in the world, featuring Paul Basagoitia and Raptorcam, editing done by elevated optics.
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iPhone 5 Underwater - No Filters!

This is shot entirely with a cell phone.. underwater.. No color correction or filters have been added. This is your iPhone under the sea.

Hitcase allows you to take your iPhone anywhere. With a three element glass lens and waterproofing to 10 meters, you can mount it or simply just use it anywhere.

Hitcase Pro is a waterproof iPhone 5 case - available here - www.hitcase.com
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