ContourHD video series

We created a few short videos for the launch of ContourHD and I wanted to post them here as well for everyone to see.

ContourHD Walkthrough

The first video is an introduction to your ContourHD wearable camcorder. The original, larger format version, can be found here.

ContourHD Competition Comparsion

The next video is a side-by-side comparison of the ContourHD, VIO, GoPro, and OSI camera. In this video we compare both the resolution as well as direct side-by-side videos from each camera. The original, can be found here.

ContourHD and VholdR Comparsion

In our final video we cover the big changes between the ContourHD and the original VholdR. Even though the ContourHD looks similar to the original VholdR on the outside, don’t be fooled, the ContourHD was built from the ground up to dramatically improve just about every aspect of the camera. The original, can be found here.

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