GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts - how well do they work?

I live in Ontario’s unpredictable climate. One day I’ll go kiteboarding in nothing but board shorts and the next day I’ll be wearing a full winter wetsuit.

Ever since I purchased my GoPro HD Hero I’ve been having problems with it fogging up during cold water sessions. There’s nothing more annoying then getting off the water to open up my GoPro case so it can defog before going riding again.

Enter GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts. The cure is as simple as placing two thin inserts inside the camera case, one on either side. These Anti- Fog inserts absorb all the moisture in the GoPro housing so that fogging is no longer an issue and I can focus on my riding. No longer do I have to keep checking the lens to see if it’s foggy, I can now trust my GoPro to get the shot…the first time.

helmet cam

helmet cam

Thanks for tuning in.

Brendan Schnurr
~Big Fall Productions

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