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A Biking eye for POVs

helmet cam

Mountain biking is a challenging sport that has been gathering enthusiasm decade after decade and increasing numbers of riders are capturing their sporting endeavors with specialist helmet mounted video cameras.

Bikers have to battle dirt tracks at high speed and navigate treacherous jumps, all the while making sure that their landings are spot on each and every time. For the riders that have mastered the sport, nothing can compare to the exhilaration of careering down a hill at high speed, not knowing where the next turn will lead.

For practice and making sure that times improve, a lot of riders now carry POV cameras to capture their rides and make sure that don’t get caught out doing the same errors on a track over and over again. The high quality shake-free footage also serves as a record of the track so bikers can get the useful riders eye view that immortalizes every race.

You can see a video of the awesome jumps bikers got up to at the Santa Cruz Allride Tour 2009 in this excellent POV video:

The video can be found at an excellent site that is dedicated to sharing videos made on POV cameras. This particular one was taken on the infamous POV 1.5, a highly durable camera that fits with ease to the riders helmet.

The camera connects to a hand held device with a color LCD screen so that the captured footage can be monitored immediately. Bikers love the cameras because they are built with extreme care and can survive the knocks and vibrations of a mountain bike ride while performing without fail.

You can find out more about the VIO POV at

To get hold of a VIO POV you can check out:


Surfing up Close

helmet cam

Surfing is a one of the most thrilling water sports in the world. Developed as a central part of the culture and history of Polynesia, the culture required the chief of the community to have skill and prowess while riding the best board made from the best tree.

Surfers ride the swells created in the waters when a consistent wind blows over them. As the waves break, surfers ride the wave to the shore and can pick up speed rapidly.
A few talented surfers can perform highly intricate jumps and landings even in the fierceness of waters. It takes a lot of practice, no fear of risk and dedication to become a good surfer.

Today surfing is enjoyed by thousands worldwide but in such places like California, Hawaii, Florida, surfing has become its own culture, surrounded by a way of life and attitude of daring.

There are several different terminologies invented by surfers to describe the various tricks and techniques involved. An example of a few include the Carve, which is a sharp turn and a Wipe-Out that means falling off the surfboard (usually with very little style!). A Snap on the other hand is a very quick turn in the water at the top of a wave.

You can see some of this daring up close and personal in this short video of the surfer who has captured the experience for all of us to see.

The video was taken on a GoPro helmet camera attached to the surfboard, which is fully waterproof to 30 metres. You can find out more about these cameras at

Alternatively, you can also visit:

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Awesome VholdR Montage at Whistler

A great edit done by one of our top members, Jesse.Robson. It’s a collection of a nearly a winter’s worth of cool jumps and stunts. Check out the original here, only at


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