How to Embed a VholdR Video

Embedding is a cool feature that allows you to put your video in other places outside of It’s fairly easy to use as well. Below is a quick and dirty tutorial to get you first time embedders rolling.

1. Find a video you like and click the embed button

2. Copy the code from the pop-up embed screen

3. Go to your blog, site, etc and paste in the code

In this case we’ll use my blog post here

4. Submit your post and presto! You’ve got an embedded VholdR video!

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Vio Pov 1.5 Camera Unboxing Videos

The high end Vio Pov 1.5 camera has received some great reviews and after it’s recent release last month, there have been many eager customers posting their unboxing videos online. Here is a bunch of vio pov 1.5 unboxings I found recently.


Vholdr Contour HD Wearable Camcorder User Manual For Your Perusal

vholdr contour hd wearable camcorder user manual guide

The Vholdr contour hd camera won’t be arriving till May 15, but this may give you a taste of what the camera is like. This is the full Vholdr Contour hd camcorder manual in pdf format. It’s about 2.5mb and more than a few people are probably going to be downloading it so please be patient grin

Many people new to pov cameras have been confused when they see the picture of the guy wearing the Vholdr Contour mounted on his ski goggle. They assume the camera has to be purchased with a pair of goggles. Actually, the camera can be mounted to almost anything. The base unit comes with a flat surface mount and a goggle mount. The flat surface mount can be attached to any flat surface and the goggle mount lets you slip the vholdr contour hd camera onto ANY goggle strap. Hopefully this manual will help clear up some of the confusion.

Vholdr Contour HD Camcorder User Manual Guide pdf


Liquid Image Scuba Mask Camera - Shoot High Res Underwater Videos While Diving

liquid image dive camera cam liquid image scuba camera cam

These two shots are just a taste of the new Liquid Image scuba mask camera. They make several models in different sizes to suit kids to adults. This is the model 310 which captures video at 720P (720 x 480) at up to 33 feet. The camera is mounted at the top of the mask right above the nose guard.

We are really looking forward to getting a sample in house to demo for everyone so keep an eye out for the videos soon.


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