VholdR Contour HD Camera - First Video

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Check out this high res streaming video shot with the Vholdr Contour HD Camera. This is taken from the main VholdR.com site. The resolution looks good but unless you’re on a very fast connection the streaming is choppy and doesn’t really show how smooth the actual footage is. Check it out at vholdr.com.

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Compare the VHoldr Contour HD against the competition

Here's a handy little product comparison guide to help in shopping for your next point of view camera. In my opinion the Vholdr Contour HD is a damn good deal. At just slightly more than the GoPro's you get full HD AND a 60 frames per second mode that's even higher rez than the Gopro's regular resolution. Unless you want full waterproof protection the Vholdr's our new favorite mid priced unit. The Vio Pov 1.5 will always hold the high end because of all the extras and LCD preview but the VholdR is a good solid all around performer that looks sexy to boot. Right now we're in preorder mode as nobody has inventory till May 15th, the same time we get stock in. We've taken $20 bucks off the price so if you preorder the Contour HD with us now you'll be one of the first kids on the block with the world's first high def pov cam.


Competition Chart

  • All-in-One (no wires)
  • Resolution
  • Frame Rate
  • Field of View
  • Max Memory Card Size
  • Battery
  • Weight
  • Alignment
  • Record Time
  • Format
  • Editing Software
  • Online Community
  • More Information


VHoldr ContourHD All-in-One (no wires)
VHoldr ContourHD Resolution
HD: 1280x720
SD: 854x480
VHoldr ContourHD Frame Rate
HD: 30 fps
SD: 60fps
VHoldr ContourHD Field of View
HD: 135°
SD: 90°
VHoldr ContourHD Max Memory Card Size
VHoldr ContourHD Battery
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
VHoldr ContourHD Weight
4.2oz (116g)
VHoldr ContourHD Alignment
Lasers with Rotating Lens
VHoldr ContourHD Record Time
HD: 30 min/GB
SD: 60 min/GB
VHoldr ContourHD Format
VHoldr ContourHD Editing Software
Mac & PC
VHoldr ContourHD Online Community
VHoldr ContourHD More Information


VHoldr All-in-One (no wires)
VHoldr Resolution
SD: 640x480
VHoldr Frame Rate
SD: 30fps
VHoldr Field of View
VHoldr Max Memory Card Size
VHoldr Battery
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
VHoldr Weight
4.8oz (131g)
VHoldr Alignment
Lasers with Rotating Lens
VHoldr Record Time
55 min/GB
VHoldr Format
VHoldr Editing Software
Mac & PC
VHoldr Online Community
VHoldr More Information

VIO 1.5M

VIO 1.5M All-in-One (no wires)
VIO 1.5M Resolution
SD: 720x480
VIO 1.5M Frame Rate
SD: 30fps
VIO 1.5M Field of View
VIO 1.5M Max Memory Card Size
VIO 1.5M Battery
4 - AA
VIO 1.5M Weight
32oz (907g)
VIO 1.5M Alignment
VIO 1.5M Record Time
42 min/GB
VIO 1.5M Format
VIO 1.5M Editing Software
VIO 1.5M Online Community
VIO 1.5M More Information

GoPro Wide

GoPro Wide All-in-One (no wires)
GoPro Wide Resolution
SD: 512x384
GoPro Wide Frame Rate
SD: 30fps
GoPro Wide Field of View
GoPro Wide Max Memory Card Size
GoPro Wide Battery
2 - AAA (lithium only)
GoPro Wide Weight
4.9oz (139g)
GoPro Wide Alignment
GoPro Wide Record Time
28 min/GB
GoPro Wide Format
GoPro Wide Editing Software
GoPro Wide Online Community
GoPro Wide More Information

Oregon ATC5K

Oregon ATC5K All-in-One (no wires)
Oregon ATC5K Resolution
SD: 640x480
Oregon ATC5K Frame Rate
SD: 30fps
Oregon ATC5K Field of View
Oregon ATC5K Max Memory Card Size
Oregon ATC5K Battery
2 - AA
Oregon ATC5K Weight
8oz (227g)
Oregon ATC5K Alignment
Oregon ATC5K Record Time
30 min/GB
Oregon ATC5K Format
Oregon ATC5K Editing Software
Oregon ATC5K Online Community
Oregon ATC5K More Information

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VholdR Shocks The World With First High Def Helmet Cam-ContourHD

vholdr contourhd helmet cam

Vholdr has just announced the brand new Vholdr ContourHD camera.  We are very excited about this camera because it redefines the genre of point of view or as they are known POV cameras.  This is not the first POV camera announced in HD, as Sony announced their new Camera at NAB ’09 for the mind bending price of 2500US (Street), but is the first camera announced at the much more affordable 299US price point, which needless to say brings this into the hands of the average consumer. 

I wont get into an in depth review here, but the coles notes are these:  HD at 720p (1280x720), “Standard” Definition at 848x480 (they have gone wide screen format from the 4:3 of the old camera), H.264 encoding, which is awesome having had way to many cameras come out with possibly superior (arguable) but less prevalent codecs that require transcoding to use for popular video editing applications.  Other notables are a 30 mins per Gigabyte recording time, which on the maximum useable card of 16GB would mean whopping 8 hours or recording time.

The vholdr contour camera lens is now a wide angled 135 degree, whereas the older model has a 90 degree lens.  Wide angle field of view is much more useable in many sports and active situations so were happy to see that.

There is also a new “silent mode” which will allow you to keep the unit from beeping, which is great for those moments when you need total silence.

The new vholdr contourhd unit is water resistant as with the last model (not water proof folks, so don’t say I didn’t tell you) and has lost some fat to tip the scales at 4.1OZ(116g) from the old 4.8OZ(136g).  Exterior dimension remain the same and the handsome anodized body remains the same with the exception of some spiffy new graphics.

The new camera has been announced with the same flat mount as the original but also with a goggle mount included in the box. 
Get Full Specs and Detail On The New VholdR ContourHD Here.

We are now taking pre-orders for the Vholdr Contour HD and will ship the beginning of May! Due to the anticipated popularity of this camera we expect there could be shortages.

Pre Order VholdR ContourHD Now


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Starnex, the company that makes the Camball has dubbed this camera the "World's Smallest Camcorder".

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The Camball at first glance is a tiny webcam, but you really need to get to know him before realizing this isn’t simply your Logitech webcam plugged in at home.

Starnex, the company that makes the Camball has dubbed this camera the “World’s Smallest Camcorder”, and I am not in any position to doubt it. For all the simple yet useful features that it has they manage to place and integrate them all in a way that makes it fairly logical to use. At first glance it may seem a bit difficult to operate, but thankfully they have included the handy quick start guide.

Before plugging the camera into your computer, it is recommended that you install the included driver’s cd. Intelligently, if you have an older version of the Camball’s software, it will ask if you wish to download the latest from the internet. Since I did have an older version, I went ahead and did so. At that point it asks you to plug the camera in. It automatically checked which firmware the Camball I had was on, and asked if I wanted to upgrade that as well.

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Once both my software and firmware were done automatically updating, it brought up a very feature rich piece of software they have simply called Camball Manager. Camball Manager seems to have been created to tweak and customize specific settings that you would not be able to normally control on such a tiny device itself. All the regular options you would expect on a webcam such as brightness, resolution, frames per second, night mode, and video quality are present. There is also a very cool feature imbedded into the software which allows you to log into your YouTube account and upload multiple videos from the camera directly without having to go to the YouTube website.

helmet cam

There is also a motion sensitivity recording mode where you can have your Camball in power saving mode and it will automatically activate when there is a certain amount of motion. You can tweak the sensitivity level in the software. Some other handy features worth mentioning are an auto power off, LED display timing, and the spy-cam like all-day record function which will auto activate the Camball’s recording for certain times of the day.

Using the Camball for the first time may take some getting used to. The Quick Start guide is a must when operating the camera the first few times. They have created a sort of LED blinking system with two different colors so that you are able to tell exactly what you are doing as you have no screen to view with. You are able to plug the Camball directly into a TV if you’re finding it difficult to see what your Camball is actually doing, which shows you a menu and selections visually.

helmet cam

When taking photos or videos, it was as simple as holding down the middle circular button for two seconds to turn it on, and then selecting Camcorder mode by holding the down arrow or mode button which causes the LED’s to blink and turns the mode LED off letting you know you have selected the correct mode. If the up arrow or REC LED is off, you are in snapshot mode. If you hold the up arrow again for 2 seconds, it changes to Red+Green for video mode. Taking photos is as simple as pressing the button once which the LED’s then blink to let you know, or if you set it to video mode, it will start recording right away. Pressing the middle button will stop recording.  I wasn’t able to pick up the button combinations easily without the quick start guide in my hand telling me what to do, so don’t worry if you don’t pick it up right away.

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Quality is fair and what to be expected for a camera recording in 320x240. Tweaking the quality settings to high and very high is recommended if you want a good picture. The Camball itself contains a 128MB internal memory, but if you are recording some length of video on the go, I would definitely recommend getting a microSD card for you to film on. The bonus of the Camball with the microSD is that it can also be used as an mp3 player as the Camball does come with its own set of headphones to use.

If all this button pushing on the Camball has got you confused, attached to the USB cable is a standard RCA jack that allows you to plug into your TV. This allows you to see a menu on screen that is a lot easier at times to figure out than the up and down arrows followed by LED blinks. Overall, with the price and size of the Camball you are getting a tiny decent wireless webcam with cool added features such as mp3 playing and direct YouTube uploading which I suspect it will make this item fairly popular.

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