In May 2009, Underwater Photography Will Be Revolutionized

helmet cam
The Macintosh is introduced to the world.

helmet cam
The world’s first digital SLR camera.

There have always been revolutionary technologies.

THIS is one of them.
helmet cam
The world’s first full HD underwater scuba mask camera from Liquid Image.

At the end of May you will see a game changing waterproof camera beyond anything you have seen before.
This is the first of a continuing series on the introduction of a whole new line of high definition scuba cameras. Come back soon for more details on pricing and models with large high res photos.

Strap yourself in and be prepared to be shocked.

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PointOfViewCameras.CA Arrives In Canada! Guaranteed Best Prices For POV Cameras In Canada

buy vio pov 1.5 helmet cam in canada

Do you live in Canada but have been waiting to buy a GoPro Hero, VholdR, or Vio Pov 1.5? Wait no more because our sister site has arrived eh!?!

They are the largest retailer of pov cameras in Canada and we guarantee you won’t find a better price anywhere in Canada. So if you’re Canadian you never have to worry about lame customs fees, brokerage fees and exchange rates ever again! Check them out, they have some handy pov camera reviews and buyers guides too. Tell em Sven sent you and to send me a case of Kokanee OK?

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Go Surfin Safari With The GoPro Surf Hero Camera

Here’s an awesome surfing video with a wipeout recorded with the GoPro Surf Hero camera.

You can see how wide the angle is especially when he points the camera down from the top of his surfboard while on the beach. An extreme wide angle is especially important if you want to get immersive videos like this.

The GoPro Hero cams are one of the widest angle pov cameras available with an extraordinary 170 degree angle of view. Ordinary miniature digital cameras like the Canons have a much narrower wide end at only 60 to 75 degree angles of view. Plus they are not waterproof and the waterproof housings cost the same price as a complete Gopro with mounts.

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The POV.1 Wins the Gadget Show Review Challenge

Just another reminder that the VIO POV.1 rocks the rugged factor.

Check out this Gadget Show Review of the POV.1. If you’re wondering just how rugged and water resistant the POV.1 cam is, and how it stands up to more expensive cams with comparable picture quality - this is worth seeing. These dudes jump off a cliff, and although they may not be that EXTREME, they’ve got cool British accents, and they give you the goods. There’s a cute chic that talks about ‘this piece of kit’, though, so there are added perks to watching.

It dates back a little bit, so remember that all POV 1 helmet cams and POV 1.5s now come with 8GB capacity!!

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