Top Guide To GoPro Hero Action Cameras

This is a great introduction to Gopro Hero Action Cameras we sell. We had been talking about doing our own version here but that is coming soon and we have a super hot presenter lined up to do it so keep reading the blog and watch out for it!

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The New Cult of the POV PI

Is that a Point of View Camera in your Pocket?


They’re ready to catch you in the act. They’ve got photographic memories. They’re armed with their Point of View Cameras, and wickedly dangerous. Who are they? They’re the POV PI and they’re growing.

Not only have we received orders and inquiries from the Mounties, and City Police Departments for our POV 1.5 Helmet Cameras, but your average Jo is in on the crime fighting action.

The Point of View Camera Private Investigators’ war against Road Rage.

Commuting cyclists are catching Road Ragers in the act! You know who you are! Though I’ve received calls from a handful of people asking about rigging their Point of View Camera up so that they can protect their vehicles, my personal favorites are the POV PI commuting cyclists fighting for a little elbow room with motorists. Not only are the Point of View Cameras protecting these cyclists by improving their awareness of traffic on the streets, but they’re helping to pave the way to a greener world, by catching disrespectful motorists in the act.

VIO’s POV 1.5 was made to military specs for critical ops in the field. Looks like the forces have expanded!

Leave a comment to let us know how you’re using your Point of View Camera.

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Mounting and Filming Tips for the VIO POV Camera

This video is a good source that shows how to use most of the mounts that comes with the VIO camera, also it shows how to mount the camera to additional accessories like the ultra clamp, flex mount, star mount, velcro mounts, double hook and loop mount for your favorite sport and they are compatible with the the 1.0, 1.5 and 1.5M models!



Leave Ugly Home Made Helmet Cams Alone!

helmet cam

We often get asked “why do I need to buy a helmet cam to shoot my rides?” As they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. If the facts that pov cameras are way lighter, easier to mount and much easier to use are not clear, perhaps these random shots found on the web will answer that question.

helmet cam

OMG! How many pounds is that thing? I think he forgot to mount the generator to go with all that gear. 

helmet cam

A little better but a metal plate mount? Are you Frankenstein? Do the chicks go for this look?

helmet cam

He doesn’t look too happy. I wouldn’t be happy either wearing that thing. Is that a coathanger eye piece? Awesome.

helmet cam

Giant ugly, heavy counter weight on the left, check. Bulky, non waterproof DV cam with hard to reach controls on the right. Check. Complete dorkage look. Check. Dude, try one of our pov 1.5 cams and you’ll never go back to this monstrosity again.

The reason action videographers choose helmet cameras specially designed for shooting sports are:

(1) light weight
(2) waterproof
(3) tough, rugged build
(4) shockproof
(5) easy to use
(6) easy to mount
(7) extra wide angle
(8) shoots on SD cards for fast/easy transfer

Send us any pictures of ugly home made helmet camera mounts you find and we’ll post it here with a credit.


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