World's Smallest Digital Video Camera, the Camball!

This discreet video recorder in the size and shape of a ping pong ball, makes it possible to record movies during extreme sports, leisure activities; perfect for YouTube, for vehicle security, general sports activities, as Nanny and Baby monitor, Scuba or Sky Diving, Swimming, Climbing, Spy Camera or any other activities, this is a really good camera for secret recordings, or hands free filming as well as fast motion activities.

There are 2 versions of this camera the SG 20 and the SG 21, the only difference besides the price is that the SG 21 supports MP3 files.

  • Smaller than a Golf Ball
  • The size is smaller than a Golf Ball and packs all the features of a DVR
  • Perfect for YouTube Videos
  • Camball can capture images at 30 fps at a 320x240 resolution for movies and pictures at a 640x480 resolution.

Content:CamBall, USB A/V cable, case, neck strap holder, Software.

Additional Accessories

Vehicle mount plus charger, you can use this mount to secure fast the camera and the cable to record while charging.

Waterproof mount: This is ideal for any watersports, has a clip that you can attach to any surface.

Sportsband: wear it on your body and record while practicing any sports.

USB adaptor: with this charger you can charge the camera while recording.

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Compare the Professionals - POV. 1 and HCR-100X go Camera Head to Camera Head

You want the best quality picture, usability with the newest recording technology has to offer. And you’re choosing from VIO’s POV. 1 (or 1.5) and HoyTech’s HCR-100X. There are descriptions, there are specs, there are rants, raves and reviews. But you just want the facts. Get them here:

Both cameras are fantastic with a comparable high video rating and frames per second, and will give you professional footage.Though the POV 1 (1.5) is the more popular camera, due to its usability and flexible mounting options, both have some distinct additional benefits, that will help you decide which one is best for you. See below:

The POV.1’s additional benefits:

Special Price POV. 1: $559.95

  • Water Resistance: The POV’s DVR is water resistant up to 10 m, where as the HCR 100X’s DVR is splash proof. This gives you some flexibility, in case you wanted to take it kayaking or snorkeling etc.
  • Memory: The POV has up to 8GB capability whereas the HCR 100X has up to 4GB
  • Power: you can either use 4 AA batteries with an average battery runtime of 5 hours, or the power hatch, with unlimited power (just plugs right in to your motorbike), whereas, the avg runtime of the HCR 100X propietary battery unit is 3 hours (rechargeable)
  • Hands Free Control: The POV can be turned on and off using a remote.The infrared remote control for the HCR-100X camera can only be used for stopping and starting playback on your tv or other viewing device.

The NEW and SENSATIONAL POV.1.5 model has also come out with the above benefits in addition to an improved camera head and ultra-versatile star mount.

The HCR 100X’s additional benefits:

Special Price: $529.99

  • Lens interchangeability: The HCR 100X is the only system that used std M12 lenses so you can swap wide/narrow etc. Great for achieving sweeping wide-angle scenic shoots or the zoomed-in action shoots
  • Image Quality:The HCR-100X operates with a CCD image censor (whereas the POV uses a CMOS image censor) The CCD offers better picture quality in low light situations, ie;on cloudy days, when you’re under the tree canopy or late/early in the day.Also the advanced recording algorithm was designed specifically for fast-motion videos which creates fewer comperssion artifacts resulting in better slightly better picture quality.
  • Weight: Though both units are relatively lightweight, the HCR 100X is roughly half the weight of the POV.
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GoPro Motorsports Hero Cameras Shoot Wild Mustang Racing Action

gopro motorsports hero wide camera

One of our best seller cameras the Gopro Camera Hero line has signed on as the “Official On-board Camera Supplier” of the Ford Racing Mustang Challenge.

GoPro Motorsports HERO and Motorsports Hero Wide cameras will be used on board the cars to film all of the competing For Racing Mustangs. Watch for crazy on board angles that showcase the speed and thrills action fans are clamoring for broadcast over the web.

These same GoPro camera you can buy here to run on your street car or motorcycle will be used on the incredible Ford Racing Mustangs. Very cool.

GoPro recently introduced its new 170 degree wide-angle lens Motorsports HERO Wide camera, which dramatically shows more viewing area and more racing excitement than any other on-board camera. The same one that will be used in the Mustang Challenge is what we sell here at At a retail of $199 we are offering a special of a free SD card and free shipping if you purchase from us now.

The Ford Racing Mustang Challenge season will open on March 13-15 at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

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Don't Tape Me, Bro!

taser camera taser

Looks like sports enthusiasts aren’t the only ones using pov cams. Taser, yes that Taser, is producing a camera taser, a point of view camera for police and law enforcement use.

The system consists of a headcam, control hub and record/playback unit.

The Taser Axon camera mounts over the ear like a jogging headphone with a built in earpiece. However, the headcam can be mounted over glasses, helmets or other gear. The head unit connects to a hub which features single button push to talk radio or camera operation.

A separate playback unit has a 4.3 inch touchscreen LCD screen with storage and up to 12 hour operation.

We are always on the lookout for new pov cam products and the tactical/law enforcement camera field is an area we are investigating procuring product for. Let us know if you have any interest in these types of cameras.

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