GoPro Suction Cup Mounting Tips

[Perspectives #4 - Point of View by Dendrite Studios]

We have been asked by many fine folks how we accomplished many of the angles in Perspectives #4 – Point of View. First off we shot the clip with GoProHD cams set to the third setting 1280×720 and 60fps. This allowed us to use very smooth slow motion. When we feel we don’t want slow mo for a specific shot we shoot at regular 30fps. We used mostly the many accessories available with that cam, but we also used mounts from other POV camera companies. Mixing and matching mounts from different companies is the only way to get certain shots. Many combination’s were tried and the shots didn’t quite come out first time around. Be creative, build your own mounts, and mix and match until you get an angle no one has seen before.

Here is a clip by clip description on how we mounted the camera:

:08 Here we used the GoPro Suction Cup Mount at the rear of the ski. Disclaimer: Shortly after this shot was taken I lost the helmet cam off the back of the ski. It was found after digging through the pow still recording. What we learned: The suction cup is rock solid. We could not pull the unit off even if we used all of your strength. But the unit could slide on the slick top sheet of a ski with a lot of force given in a horizontal direction. I hit a small air and one ski tail banged into the mount and slid it off the edge of the ski, instantly the suction was lost. For a tail of the ski shot I would now suggest simple duct tape. If there is not a chance for the suction cup to be hit with a horizontal force and slide off the edge of the surface it works perfectly.

:13 Suction cup mount again but mounted at the tip of the ski. This we deemed acceptable after our near disaster earlier in the day because I can have a visual on the mount the entire time. Plus only beginners cross their tips right?

:16 Suction cup mount. Mounted right in front of the binding.

helmet cam

:19 Suction cup mount. Mounted on the tip of the ski. We also tried these shots with the VIO Ultra Clamp (fabulous mount by the way). But the part hanging below the tip would get caught by the snow too often shaking the camera violently.

helmet cam

:27 GoPro SeatPost and Handlebar Clamp. This mount works great for ski poles when used in conjunction with a right angle adapter (they call it a pivoting orientation arm) that is included with the mount.

helmet cam

:32 VIO Ultra Clamp, with a GoPro tripod adapter attached to the waist buckle of my backpack.

helmet cam

:35 GoPro Vented Helmet Strap attached to vents on the hood of my sled. Just because the title states one purpose doesn’t mean the mount can’t be used for many other applications.

:38 GoPro Seatpost and Handlebar Clamp attached to my ski poles that were in my ski rack on the back of sled.

:43 Until the end-The rest of the video is using the GoPro CHESTY Chest Mount and the vented helmet strap mount. The cameras are mounted on these two mounts facing forward or backward or by using the right angle adapter’s-sideways. So go out and enjoy the next powder day with a buddy chasing, following, leading and riding side by side. You’ll get some of the coolest footage on POV cams that capture the fun vibe of charging through pow with buddies, and as far as we are concerned there is no better way to spend the day.

helmet cam
Since the video we have used many other mounts. The GoPro sticky mounts for the top of helmets are great for people without vents. The GoPro Roll Bar Mount is great for shovel handles. The GoPro tripod adapter is very handy for anything with a 1/4″ screw. The VIO flex mounts are also very cool tools. 12″ and 6″. The 12″ is a little long for skiing as the forces of jumping are too great to hold the camera up. But for unique frames with less force it is a great tool.

People can best our video with different angles. We know it. So go out and give’er!

Keep visiting to see more POV from our debut ski film coming later this year!

Athan Merrick
Dendrite Studios

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