Drift Innovation HD170 1080p Action Sports Camera

Drift Innovation HD170 1080p Action Sports Camera

All of you video aficionados, action sports enthusiasts and tech-hounds are about to drop your jaw, because Drift has done it again with the introduction of their newest inventionā€¦ the all new Drift HD170

While the Drift HD170 is not the first wearable high definition camera, it certainly is if we are talking about one with a built in LCD screen and a speaker so you can preview your shots right after you take them.

The Drift HD170 is equipped with a fully rotatable 170 degree wide angle lens, which allows you to set up crazy mounting angles and still get a straight shot. Mountable to pretty much anything your mind can fathom, this wicked little system comes with a multiple mounting options including; handlebar mount, goggle mount, helmet mount, head strap, velcro strap and a universal mount. Suddenly you can film from unimaginable places, with awesome angles than you ever thought possible - all in fluid HD clarity.

Drift Innovation HD170 1080p Action Sports Camera

Boasting a user friendly design, the HD170 has a fool proof control panel, providing large buttons for things you need, eliminating unnecessary buttons to keep the body slim and streamlined. The addition of the RF remote control gives you the ability to mount the cameras anywhere and remotely start and stop the camera from up to 5 m (15 feet) away.

Sporting a bright, full color LCD screen for convenient, immediate playback this camera allows you to delete footage that may not be ideal, saving precious space on your memory card, although, with the capability of accommodating a SD memory card of up to 32GB in size, you’ve got loads of spaceā€¦ you could even keep the bloopers.  The HD170 also has a built in microphone and speaker, enabling you to film with or without sound with the added benefit of reviewing the recording after to check for static and wind noise. The camera also has input port for an external mic, for those shoots that require a bit more audio concentration.

This camera sets you up with off the hook versatility and terrific features. It helps you reduce bulk of excess equipment by providing the ability to shoot 5 mega pixel still images in single or photo burst mode. Its rugged waterproof construction (up to 0.5m or 1.5 feet) allows for peace of mind when using the camera in heavy rain, snow or muddy riding conditions. The HD170 can also be hooked directly to your television for FULL HD playback with the included HDMI Cable; and because it is Mac and PC compatible, hooking it to your computer with the included USB cable for editing is a snap.

For the first time ever, everything you are looking for in a wearable camera is included in one small package, enabling you to start recording as soon as you open the box, without having to search out mandatory filming accessories. This camera is designed with smart, real life use features to capture all of your crazy adventures in the highest possible recording quality. So blow your mind each time you revisit your triumphs, in true 1080p HD resolution and impress you friends and family with more than just a story.

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Here is the first batch of HD170 test videos from Drift Innovation.  Stand by for more great videos and a full review which we will delivery to you as soon as we get our hands on one of the demo units.

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