Canmore Benchlands through the lense of Contour HD 1080p

Well, it’s not skydiving, it’s not 4 Brazilian horsepower, it’s not even the North Shore but just West of Calgary are probably 50 trails to choose from for GREAT XC (cross country) mountain biking and HD filming. Plus we regularly have the sunshine & blue skies that Wet Coasters only see a couple days a year (relax, I’m exaggerating..)

So, up to Benchlands (just up on the North side of Canmore) did Gord and 9 friends go last Sunday. Unfortunately only 8 of them came back with Gord. P-girl, well she had a couple nights in the Banff Hospital getting a leg put back together straight. Surgery, not just a cast. The good news? Banff (you know, the one with all the ski hills) has hospital staff that really know about legs, and in the off season of early June they’ve got nuthin’ else to do. She was moved to Banff, on the table, and under the knife within 5 or 6 hours of getting hurt (there really is an Alberta Advantage).

While tending to her on the trail, they did get a little lucky and found a nearby guy with a 2+2 ATV that was able to help bring her down off the trail to his office at Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours. Unfortunately Gord had a little too much on his plate (and maybe too good of taste) to remember to turn on his Contour HD 1080p during most of the evac. Thus, his video is very light on gore, but does show a great bush splint made by the riders as well as some of the great technical trails at Benchlands.

The 2000+ active members of the Calgary Outdoor Club *really* appreciate the great and timely care given to our friend by all the people at Canmore and Banff hospitals !

Author: “TrailPeak Gord”, Calgary, Alberta

Now, what does every one think of the music?

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By bb
11 06 2010 at 12:49 PM

Nice work guys, some pretty gnarly terrain…  Nice to have a big group out!

By ProEdgeBiker
11 06 2010 at 05:42 PM

SWEET! What a nice trail

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