Contour Connect View Review

O.K. you non-lazy, outdoor, sport enthusiast people… it’s finally here…

Connect View for the ContourGPS!!

It’s time to take helmet cameras to the next level.

We were given two of the Connect View cards to play around with for the past month and have been pacing back and forth waiting to be able to tell the world it’s here!

So today is the day. We have it in stock and were shipping orders right now!

So I’m just going to break it down and give you a general idea of what the Connect View card will be able to do for you.

In a nut shell: You can now wirelessly preview what you are about to shoot with simply using your smart phone.

Contour Connect View

It all starts off with your ContourGPS with the latest firmware upgrade. There is a little spacer found next to your battery slot that has been until now, just a slot with a plastic unusable card to fill that slot.

Now for roughly $30.00 you can order a Connect View card to replace that little plastic filler. You just simply remove you Contour battery and then slide the blank card out and replace it with the Connect View card with the connectors facing inwards. It slides in effortlessly and your half way there.

Next you want to download the free Contour Camera App for your iPhone or iPod touch. You will be able to use Connect View with Android phones in the near future but for now we will just focus on the iPhone and iPod touch.

After you have enabled your Bluetooth on your iPhone you simply power on your Contour. You will find the secret button located in front of the record switch, just press down on the solid blank area until you feel a “click” and watch the little light flash from light blue to a dark blue. Once the Contour has recognized your phone, it will say “connected” then touch the Contour Camera App and voila! You now have the largest wireless LCD preview screen for your POV camera!

Not only can you now preview what you are about to shoot enabling you to set up your shots for the perfect angle, you can also go into the “Settings” menu on your mobile device and adjust the camera settings.

You have the option of changing:

  • between NTSC and PAL mode depending on where you live
  • resolution settings: 1080p, 960p or 720p @ 30fps, 720p @ 60fps or photo mode
  • video quality: medium, high or max
  • mic level by sliding the bar back and forth
  • GPS on or off (saves a little battery)
  • contrast, sharpness, exposure and metering
    You can adjust the lighting settings to:
    • Every Day Outdoor
    • Dusk
    • Custom which will allow you to tweak you Contour as much as you like

You can program these settings from your mobile device and dedicate them to Position 1 or 2 so you can easily switch back and forth on your camera depending on the lighting and action in the field. For example, Position 1 could be 720p @ 60fps with lower lighting and Position 2 could be 1080p @ 30 fps with every day outdoor setting.

So to sum it up guys, this will now allow you to preview and tweak the footage you are about to capture giving you more than ever the ability to capture the perfect shot with simply looking at your phone. Stoked!!

Mark Zealand



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