Audio Comparison on Contour HD and Contour GPS Cameras

With the release of the brand new Contour GPS, we thought we would do a little test to see how the audio compares to the original ContourHD 1080p. So how did we go about this? Well, Brooks from strapped them both to his motorcycle and hit the road at highway speed to see how they stood up to one another.

From Highway Speed to a Halt

At highway speed, the wind noise is still quite prevalent in both recordings which, but you really notice the difference at 1:34 when he exits the bridge and begins to slow the bike. With the ContourHD, you can still hear a fair amount of wind noise, but the sounds of the bike are coming through a little bit more. By comparison, the Contour GPS’s brand new omnidirectional microphone cuts the majority of the wind noise from the recording, picking up far more sound from the engine, presenting more of an authentic viewing and sound experience.

Omnidirectional Mic for Life

The omnidirectional mic is a fantastic improvement to Contour’s audio system, raising the bar for a higher level of sound quality. The Development of the Contour GPS caused the location of the mic to switch to the front of the camera, below the lens allowing it to capture cleaner, truer audio.

For more information on what comes in the box, check out our exclusive box opening. Also, see what Christie from Contour has to say about their brand new release to the world of POV video.

What do you think? Please leave any questions or comments below.

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