ContourHD 1080p River Kayaking with the Waterproof House

Hitting the rushing white waters of the Tulameen River near Princeton, BC, Mark Zealand demonstrates the versatility and adaptability of the Contour HD 1080p camera, by snapping it into its underwater housing and taking it on a nearly 7 hour ride through some heavy rapids and the lush early summer landscape of the BC interior.

This video displays the Contour’s edge on the industry with buttery slow motion playback, which makes the water appear to flow like silk over the kayak, camera and rider with a rhythmic motion. But the Contour also proves that it is incredibly capable of capturing super fast motion with a fluid regularity, which brings the viewer into the recording, as if they were experiencing the rush. I for one felt like grabbing my kayak and hitting the river.

With an easy slide recording button, you are always aware of when the camera is rolling as it is visually obvious, so you don’t have to unmount the camera to check. In addition, the suction cup mount holds up well against the strong currents and ever present water, though it’s not a bad idea to tie a cord to the mount and tether it to the boat… just in case it decides to let go… you’re not screwed. Mark has a knack for capturing high action footage that keeps your attention, but with this video he’s also proven that with the right equipment you can truly create moments of an almost hypnotic nature by slowing down appropriate selections of your footage and mixing it to some ambient beats… it really creates an unparalleled perspective towards the sport, capturing the chill that you only really experience when you reach a calm patch of the river after a crazy paddle through some heavy rapids.

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