ContourHD Camera Sponsorship for Powell River School

helmet cam

About a month ago we received a friendly e-mail from Ryan at the Sustainability & Eco-Education Department of Powell River School District #47, located on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. This unique school district is surrounded by ocean, lake and mountain environment.

Reading through their website;
“The Sustainability & Eco-Education Department is dedicated to providing students with outdoor educational opportunities that reinforce their connection to the natural world and foster sustainability. We focus on giving students the necessary skills to think critically about personal choices and the relationships between society, economy, culture and the environment. Through leadership initiatives and healthy outdoor activities, students are empowered to make positive change in the world.”

Ryan was looking for a camera or two, that the kids could use to capture their daily pursuits and activities.  Having visited Powell River and the surrounding sunshine coast areas, I thought to myself; what a great place to go to school.

It didn’t take much convincing.  We were happy to have the pleasure of supporting such a great cause, and a new VholdR Contour HD camera kit was on the way.

So early this week as I was going through a pile from my mailbox. Among the usual assortment of bills to pay, fliers and coupons I found an envelope with a hand written address surrounded by a leafy patter, also drawn by hand.

I opened it with anticipation and curiosity and inside I found a nice Thanks You card - front of which you see at the top of this blog.

Much to my delight and surprise the card was full of thank you notes from the kids who were super happy and excited for having received the Contour HD Camera kit we sent.

helmet cam

I must say, that made my day! I can’t wait to see some of the videos.

The cameras will be used to capture daily outings and activities such as kayaking, biking, rock climbing and in aspects of the film camp they offer.

Thanks guys! You made my day.

Mike B @ PointOfViewCameras


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