Motorcycle Cops Use Helmet Cams To Keep Roads Safe

helmet cam

The road can be an exciting place.  The road can provide the much needed escape, the afternoon getaway or simply the Sunday stroll.  The road, unfortunately, can be a dangerous place.  High speeds and imperfect drivers naturally lead to accidents.  Accidents cause injury and sometimes, sadly, worse.  The Police in Devon County are trying to change that.

Law Enforcement in Devon County has taken the safety of motorists in their own hands.  They have equipped motorcycle cops with helmet cameras in order to capture less than safe driving in action.

The technology of the helmet cams allows policemen to not only capture live footage, but play it back to motorists moments later.  This valuable footage allows policemen to more clearly identify problematic driving and offer simple tips to drivers.  In the future, the footage could even be used as evidence in more serious cases. 

Helmet cameras simply mount to their helmets and capture high quality images with a small, light camera.  Helmet cams allow policemen to capture footage of other motorists even while driving.  The helmet cams being used by the Devon County Police force are equipped with a small hard drive to allow instant playback of recorded footage.  The policemen expect a positive response and safer roads from the use of helmet cams.

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