Drift HD Review

Mark Zealand from PointofViewCameras.com gives a brief hands on review of the new Drift HD!

Even though the Drift HD is not due for sale till early September we have the very first Drift HD in our hands now. Drift has done some major improvements on their latest camera that makes it stand out from their previous models. We think these changes make it a serious action camera contender.

We have done an overview of the camera on our Youtube channel (posted below). We plan to have deeper coverage like video comparisons so check back on this blog for future posts. 

The most obvious change is the size. Drift claims the new camera is 25% smaller but it seems tinier than that. The Drifth HD170 Stealth was a bit bulky but the new HD is nicely slimmed down now to be similarly sized to the Contour.

A couple of new features, the HDMI and a 2.5mm microphone ports have me really stoked. As a videographer I want the best sound I can get straight from the camera if I can. The new Drift HD’s mic port lets you put higher end microphones on the camera for much better sound recording. 

HDMI output means you can plug the camera directly into your HDTV for instant video reviewing. You no longer have to download the video file to a computer or go through the tedium of converting the video and burning to DVD.

My favorite Drift feature has been retained on the new Drift HD. The RF wireless remote control is so useful it’s a wonder why other helmet camera manufacturers have not adopted wireless remote as well. The Drift unit has two large buttons to turn the camera on and off. The on button has a tiny nub so you can switch it on without looking. One method I use the remote is to connect my camera to a handheld tripod and use the wireless remote to turn the camera on and off. Very handy indeed.

Small touches incorporated in the Drift HD makes it easier to use. The new popout covers for USB and HDMI on one of the Drift HD backs means you can plug both cables in without opening the camera, making connections quicker and less of a hassle.

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