Gizmodo Gives Some GoPro Lovin

gopro helmet cam

Gadget site Gizmodo finally clued in to the GoPro Hero Helmet cameras we sell.

The Gopro got an excellent review with author Brian Lam claiming “The Verdict: This is the best sports cam I’ve ever used. I highly recommend this thing.”

He forgets to mention the different packages available for different mounts. The article makes it sound as if the camera comes with all the mounting options included. People looking for helmet mounts should get the Gopro Helmet Cam, For cars and bikes choose Gopro Motorsports and for surf board or snow board mounting use the the Gopro Surf Hero.

Well he ain’t seen nothing yet. 2009 promises to be a big year for point of view cameras. There are some major announcements coming down the pipes for these types of cameras from all the players in this niche camera market soon. Hint, hint.

Soon pov cams won’t be so niche anymore!

Here’s Gizmodo’s Gopro camera review.

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