GoPro HD: April Snowboarding at Helmock Mountain

So, when it’s late April in coastal British Columbia and three feet of fresh powder just happen to fall on Hemlock Mountain, what do you do?

You get a bunch of buddies together and shred it. That’s exactly what Mark Zealand from did while he managed to catch a few killer rides in full HD with the GoPro mountable camera. Every bitchin’ thrill caught while bombing down the slopes was taken from either their helmet or the board. As the powder flies and the boys grind down the slopes, not a piece of action is missed, including an epic tumble. Stimulating high energy is enthusiastically captured, but the video remains smooth and really very seamless. The slow motion scenes really pop out, showing you what one can really do with such a light, compact camera. All mixed to the high energy beat of ‘There they go’ by Krafty Kuts (featuring Dynamite MC), this video shows just what you can do when nature throws you a perfect day to ride.

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