GoPro HD on Trails in Vancouver's North Shore

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Talk About a Smooth Ride… Thanks to GoPro HD!

From what I have seen so far, when Mark Zealand grabs a camera, a few guys and a wicked BC location, the footage is bound to be pretty rad. The whole point behind this video was to use a few different GoPro HD HEROs at different angles and fps, edit it all together and see the effects… the achievement is clear. Having used a super sticky adhesive to attach the camera to the riders helmet, he was able to bomb around, using the angle of his head to capture some pretty slick imagery, such as the parallel lines of his top tube to the narrow ramps and some pretty wild slow motion shots while grabbing a little air. The adhesive clearly held its ground, as there is no shortage of action.

The wide angle output of the Helmet HERO enables you to almost feel the washboard rhythms beneath the bike to the point that butterflies nearly appear in your stomach. Throughout the ride, Mark and another fella stalk the rider with the same HERO used as a handheld, securing some great angles on some pretty sweet curves and tricks. Liquid imagery is all you see, even when real life tends to be a little choppy… turns and drop offs are caught in fluid motion allowing your eye to follow with ease, without headaches. All filmed on Vancouver’s beautiful North Shore in spectacular British Columbia and mixed to some well suited, peppy beats, this short video shows just what you can accomplish with a little creativity and a beautiful day.

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