GoPro Hero 2!!

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The new GoPro has been announced!  Its called the Hero 2 and they upped the game across the board….

Heres what we know:

Redesigned, Sharper Optics— This is a big deal because it makes every video, even the ones uploaded to the web look more defined.  Sharpness really brings things into focus.

New shooting modes—

It allows shooting a full 170 degree field of view in 1080P.  The Hero 1 was only 170 in 720p. 
120 Frame per sec video in WVGA (848×480) which is roughly DVD quality.  120 will let you do even slower and more fluid slo-mos although because its in a lower quality mode it wont see as much use with the pros, but itll be fun for the rest of us to play with… 

Photo mode, now has higher def photos but also a 10 shot burst photo mode which will allow in motion shots…  Itll be a quick and easy way of getting cool air or motion shots and combining them into one image to show the motion…  Well do a tutorial on that soon to help you all figure that out…

Sound—  Stereo 3.5mm mic input!  This is huge for getting great sound in that now youll be able to pair the Hero2 with a external mic when you need to get even better sound. 

New accessories—

The great new is the all the other Bacpac’s, battery, lcd and the 3d system will work with the new gopro so you wont have to buy all new accessories…  The big news on the block however is the new Wifi Bacpac.  Details are still sparse but I think this will likely be the must have feature for the new GoPro.  Im sure they are working hard on apps for android and apple phones and tablets to allow you to control camera settings, and possibly manage media on the camera (not sure about this yet, but I would think it is likely).  Wireless streaming is also going to be a cool option, it just got a lot easier to setup and manage a camera without having actual access to it.  Can be either out of reach or inside an enclosure of some other kind.  Can also be setup for multiple camera situations…  Imagine having 5 cameras on a car at once and being able to hit the capture button simultaneously on all of them.  Thats what you can do now, which will be HUGE for editors lining up footage in an edit. 

Check out some video below to get stoked!

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