GoPro Hero-cam goes into the blue

Occasionally the team here at have a few minutes to spend on the internet. During that time today we came across something that made us tremendously proud of our GoPro Hero Camera.

The above embedded video is from a fella named Eric at Around Tuit Videos. He’s taken our GoPro Hero cam and attached it to his RC plane using one of the standard braces that come with the camera.

Checking in at four minutes on the dot, Eric’s video takes our GoPro camera on barrel rolls, touch and go landings, gentle loops and even a dizzying barrage of acrobatics, highlighting GoPro’s video and still image capabilities.

We’re proud to announce that the GoPro handled itself with aplomb. It’s tenacious grip to the unerbelly of Eric’s RC Typhoon plane handled the Touch-and-go landings and the loop-de-loops without flinching.

We find clips like this all over on the internet. Look closely and you’ll find GoPro cameras on the helmets of Sky-divers, RC Boats, motorcycles, Base Jumpers, Kite Surfers and even the planes in the Red Bull Air Race! The uses of this camera, clearly, are only limited by your imagination and finding a surface that you can attach it to. (At one point, a fella even uses duct-tape to attach his camera to his RC boat. While we don’t recommend it, obviously it was effective!)

Thanks again to Eric and everyone else who are finding wild new ways to document their world with the GoPro Hero line of cameras.

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