The GoPro Hero Helmet Camera

helmet cam

Are you the adventurous type?  Whether you are just doing basic sports or the most extreme sports, most athletes would like to be able to capture their movements on camera.  However, when you are competing – in the heart of the action – you cannot be a videographer as well.  Or, can you? 

Today, sporting gear is a lot more technologically advanced.  In fact, there is a great new product on the market that allows you to compete and photograph at the same time.  What is this great product?  It is called the GoPro Hero Helmet Camera

The GoPro Hero Helmet Camera is the smallest, wireless helmet that allows you to capture video for outdoor sports.  The helmet comes standard with a 170-degree wide-angle lens and 5 megapixels.  When you have your helmet on, you can shoot 56 minutes of high-resolution video.  Also, you always have the option of using the camera as a hand held.  It is fun and easy to use.  Whether you want to use it surfing, kayaking, skiing, mountain biking, etc, the GoPro Hero Helmet Camera is a great addition to your gear.  Check into the helmet today and begin recording your adventurous on video.  Then, you will have something more than just a story to share with your friend.

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