Sports Cameras – The GoPro Hero

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When you’re looking for a good sport camera, the GoPro Hero is one of the options you should definitely consider. It’s small and light, it’s durable, and it’s able to do so much that you wouldn’t expect for the price. There are many good cameras out there on the market, too, so it’s understandable that people would want to take a look around. Many of them come back to the GoPro Hero, however, because they like it so much and the see the value of it. All sports cameras, most of them POV cameras, are designed to do the same thing – they give the person wearing them the chance to get up-close video of what he or she is doing at that time.

That means that things like extreme sports can be recorded and the family and friends of the person who had the experience can see what it was really like. Television shows that show people messing up, falling down, and otherwise doing dumb things seem to love POV cameras like the GoPro Hero because everyone watching gets a close-up view of the mishap. These POV cameras aren’t used just for blunders, though. They’re great for how-to videos, extreme sports, and any other time when you want the people viewing the video to see exactly what you saw when it was being filmed. 

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