The Wide Angel Lens With The GoPro Is A Hit

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Hiking.  Mountain climbing.  Motocross.  Rafting.  These and many other outdoor activities occupy the lives of outdoor enthusiasts the world over. 

During such memorable excursions, many people want to capture the magic of the moment but have struggled to find the right camera for their needs.  The Wide Angel Lens camera developed by the California based company GoPro may be what such people have been looking for. 

This camera captures an incredible 170 degrees of adventurous footage.  It also captures pictures in 5 megapixels.  It delivers high quality, good resolution images from action shots.  It is designed with the action enthusiast in mind.  The camera is capable of capturing 54 minutes of continuous footage.  An additional setting allowing 60 plus minutes of pictures taken every 2 seconds is also available.  This incredible camera is also incredibly light.  At only 4.7 ounces, nearly anyone can easily wear the camera and capture desired footage.  The camera also comes with shockproof and waterproof protection, allowing you to easily take the wide angel lens camera anywhere.  At a mere $190 dollars, this wide angel camera is a great deal. 

This camera just might be right to capture priceless memories from your next adventure in the great outdoors.

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