Hexakopter Flight w/ the GoPro HD

[The video was taken with a Gopro HD Hero in 720p. Processing with Virtual Dub: Quicktime Plugin, rotation 180°, deshaker]

The video was taken in northern Bavaria in march 2010, the snow has just melted away…
Compared to my older videos which were suffering from serious ‘jello effect’ this video has much improved:

For vibration dampening I use a sponge (a viscose sponge like the ones typically used for washing cars - about 17x17x5 cm in size - BTW it can be cut easily with a sharp knive), which is glued between the camera mounting plate and another plate that is screw-fastened to the camera mounting plate on the lower side of the hexakopter. In order to prevent dangling of the camera (the sponge is too soft) I use two stripes of tape (4 cm broad). These connect the camera mounting plate with the transparent cap.

Apart from this balancing the rotors with small strips of tape had a significant effect on image stability.
Now I can make (almost) jello-free videos even with 1080p (coming soon).

The deshaker plugin provides some additional smoothing.
If video is suffering from progressive scan artifacts (jello-like image distortions) then the deshaker cannot fix this, but it does a great job in softening the movements of the complete image.

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