Heli Skiing With The ContourRoam In BC

Untitled from marko solo on Vimeo.

Our buddy Mark Sissons is featured on the home page of Huffingtonpost’s travel section. He talks about his wild time taking a heli skiing course in BC’s Cariboo mountains. Where heli skiiing used the be for rich extreme sports fans. These new courses are bringing a measure of safety and accessibility to advanced skiers who want to try their hand at heli skiing. He took one of our ContourRoam cameras with him and you can check out the footage above.
Mark tells us.

Helicopter assisted skiing and snowboarding in Western Canadian mountain ranges like the Cariboos, Selkirks and Bugaboos is hard to beat if you’re looking for massive amounts of varied terrain and unmatched snow conditions.

Now almost every skier can live their wildest downhill dream of riding in helicopters, dropping into a cloud encrusted virgin peak, drive through wide areas untouched by anyone else’s tracks. It’s like living your own Warren Miller movie, sliding between tree tips half buried in pristine, glistening white powder.

Check out our Contour Canada cameras section for more info on the Contour Roam.


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