Get Upgrades And Spares For Your Helmet Camera

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Have you been using a Helmet Camera to capture all of your latest adventures?  It is a great way to document every detail of your life using the technology available.  However, chances are you were skeptical whether or not you would use your helmet camera when you first bought it – most people are.  So, you probably bought the standard helmet camera, maybe even a bottom of the line one.  Now, you are really enjoying the videos and pictures you have from your different sporting activities.  Unfortunately, the quality of the video and pictures is not as good as it could be.  Do not worry.  You can always, buy upgrades for your helmet camera.

A lot of people upgrade their helmet cameras or even prefer to have spares on hand.  Consider purchasing the camera that has the highest quality imaging you can afford.  So you know, the highest quality chip available is a Sony 520 line chip and a max of 560 lines of resolution can be achieved.

Another popular upgrade is the wide angle lens for your Elmo SUV helmet cam.

Additionally, you will want it to be submersible and waterproof – especially if you are a surfer or kayaker.  Lastly, look for something that connects to both digital and non-digital camcorders.  Have fun shopping for upgrades and enjoy better quality footage!

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