New Movie Shot With Helmet Cam

When you think of bikers, what images pop into your mind? Bike shorts? Probably. Water bottles? Maybe. Road rash? Most definitely. What about sexy? No? Yeah, me either. But one man wants to change that perception with the Bicycle Film Festival. Bicycle Film Festival is actually a screening of numerous short films about all things cycling, including BMX racing. Some of the films include “Road to Roubaix” and “I Love My Bicycle: The Story of FBM Bikes” which features Dave Mirra and Mat Hoffman.

You may be asking yourself “why would any of this be of interest to me?” That is an excellent question and answer is because Bicycle Film Festival also includes “Broadway Bomber/Bridge Battle” which is a very cool film, shot using an urban cyclist’s helmet cam.

So if you have ever wonder if cycling is right for your but never got the nerve to pull on those bike shorts, check out the Bicycle Film Festival. You may be inspired to strap on your own helmet cam and take to the streets with the intention of making the next great bike film. Or, at the very least, you may just find that cycling is sexier than you ever imagined.

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