How Does V.I.O.POV 1.5 Stack Up?

helmet cam

The wide world of helmet cams might be a bit unfamiliar, but the V.I.O. POV 1.5’s capability could peak your interest. 

Just a lipstick sized camera, the POV 1.5 has many bells and whistles that should entice the adventurous hiker and amateur camera man alike.  The POV doesn’t shoot in true high definition, but does have a wide angle lens that captures 110 degrees of footage.  The camera captures colors well and is incredibly steady.  Even on hikes and climbs, the camera does a great job at capturing the footage you need.  It also picks up sound with surprising clarity.  The camera will pick up objects and people who are relatively close to the device. 

The POV is wrapped in plastic and metal.  This covering will ensure that your camera is well protected and lasts.  Amazingly, just 4 AA-batteries will sustain the life of this camera while exploring the wilderness.  The camera does lack zoom, however, and owners of certain computers like Macs have experienced trouble uploading the footage captured. 

Recently, the price went down about $200 dollars, making the POV 1.5 available for around $650.  Overall, the V.I.O. POV 1.5 is a good value for anyone looking for a quality helmet camera. 


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