How To Properly Mount A Helmet Camera

helmet cam

If you are into dirt bike riding and you also surf the web than chances are you might have stumbled across a riding video.  You probably know what I’m talking about – the videos made from helmet cams that allow you to record from your own point of view.  And, ever since you stumbled across the amazing videos you have wanted to record one yourself.  However, you cannot bring yourself to purchase a helmet cam.  Why?  You already own your own camera and your own helmet.  So, you are considering making your very own helmet camera.  Now, you just need to determine the appropriate way to mount it.

According to everyone who rides and records, cameras record best when mounted on the helmet.  You can also mount the camera on the handlebars but the videos may be a bit shaky if you are riding on rough terrain.  Mounting it on the helmet is easy if you the mounts made specifically for your camera. What you don’t want to do is mess around with epoxy and duct tape. That’s what people used to do with their consumer videocams, LOL!

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