Mountain Snowmobile w/ GoPro HD

[ Okanagan Sled Challenge. Marcel Irnie films his first time sledding ever! 2009 BRP Ski-doo Summit Rev XP 800cc 2 stroke.
GoPro HD Hero angles. Location: Mabel Lake, Enderby BC / Grey Stokes, Kelowna BC] Mountain Snowmobile Video

We’ve posted videos by motorcycle road racer/filmmaker Marcel Irnie before which have generally chronicled his exploits in the Parts Canada Superbike Series. This time around, Marcel has made a snowmobile video. Over Christmas, Marcel borrowed a 2009 Ski-Doo Summit 800R, for his first ever sledding experience. Marcel and a friend took their sleds out to the renowned riding area at Mabel Lake near Enderby BC which provided a spectacular backdrop. Marcel’s new high definition GoPro camera captures some splendid angles mounted on various locations on the sled and his helmet.

We look forward to seeing more of Marcel’s work in 2010 as he films his assault on Parts Canada Superbike Series with several on-board GoPro Cameras.

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