The Truth about Water Resistance Could Save the Life of Your Baby (POV 1 or 1.5)

A shocking, little-known fact

Did you know that in an office of 20 people, 15 of those people will believe that ‘water resistant’ and waterproof’ mean virtually the same thing. Could this be you? Do you know just how deep your new POV. 1 (or 1.5 ) can go and for how long? This information could save the life of a POV.1 action sports camera. We dive a little deeper, to tell you just what you need to know.

How to Determine if Your Camera is an Amphibian 101

To test electronics for their water and dust resistance we have a handy little scientific industry standard called the IP rating.The POV.1 (and POV.1.5) have an IP67 rating. IP stands for Ingress Protection. The IP rating is used to specify the strength of the enclosure that surrounds electronic equipment and is determined by specific tests.  Each IP rating consists of two numbers that index two separate standards of measurement. The first number represents the degree of protection against solids; the second, protection against liquids. In the case of the POV.1: the ‘6’ means it is totally protected against dust and the ‘7’ means it is protected against the effect of immersion between 15cm and 1m.

‘Waterproof’ means the unit is designed to withstand submersion in water; that the enclosure is impermeable to water. ‘Water resistance’ means that there is some level of protection from water, and possibly submersion under water, but that there are limitations. Even though the POV 1 (1.5) is technically ‘waterproof’ for 30 minutes up to 1 m, there are limitations on that as there is no perfect rating that includes comprehensive testing on how often the component can be submerged and still retain its waterproof rating, and resist corrosion.

If you plan to use the POV.1 in an salt water environment (surfing, kayaking, etc), or plan to submerge it in the water, we recommend that you cover the recording unit with a dry bag.You may also cover the unit in a waterproof compartment or bag, and slip it inside your wetsuit, but please remember, the POV.1 (and 1.5) is not designed for underwater filming, and should only be used with caution.

But can I take my POV snorkeling?

Absolutely! Use the POV.1 or 1.5 cam for awesome capture, in all conceivable adventures on the ground, in the sky or in shallow waters. For underwater diving up to 10 meters we recommend the Liquid Image VideoMask 311 - The world’s only dive mask with an integrated waterproof digital video camera plus still photographs at 5mp resolution.

So why do so many people believe ‘water resistant’ and ‘waterproof’ means virtually the same thing? It’s pretty simple. The words are often used interchangeably and incorrectly, or not properly defined for each industry. That’s why we’re here.

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