Kiteboarding in Cape Hatteras, NC filmed with GoPro HD Hero

helmet cam

It’s not everyday you get to ride with a pro kiteboarder in the perfect conditions on a beautiful day. On May 8, I met up with Epic Kites owner Dimitri Maramenides and followed him on a downwinder in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Over two hours I got to shoot Dimitri jumping over land gaps, trees and even over myself as I was riding by him. I’ve seen some good riders before but there’s nothing like riding with a pro and capturing it all with a GoPro HD. I can’t wait for the new GoPro HD Wrist Mount to be released so I don’t have to risk losing my camera in the water as I’m shooting while kiteboarding.

~Brendan, Big Fall Productions~

Check out Brendan’s Fin Mount Experience, and also take a look at his Kiteboarding Blog to see some beautiful video taken with the GoPro HD Hero.

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