Documenting “Life in a day” with Point of View Cameras

1 World, 24 Hours, 6 Billion Perspectives…

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PointofViewCameras is excited to take part in a historic climatic experiment called 'Life in a Day.' The idea is to document one day through the eyes of people from all over the globe, capturing their point of view toward the ordinary and extraordinary events that occur in their life, over the course of July 24, 2010. With over 6 billion people living off of the Earth today, this film is sure provide an amazing opportunity to experience the world through the unique lens of people from all walks of life.

All footage submitted for use in 'Life in a Day' will be edited together into a feature documentary film by Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald, which will be executive-produced by Ridley Scott. The film will premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival… and if your footage manages to make it to the final cut… you'll receive credit as a co-director and may be selected as one of 20 contributors to attend the premiere at Sundance.
At PointofViewCameras we will be using our wide selection of wearable cameras from quality manufacturers like Drift Innovation, Vholdr (Contour), GoPro and Vio, to record the day of some of the folks that keep this company running. Capturing "lifeinaDay" moments from our "point of view perspective," with products that record in clean crisp HD format, just perfect for this project.

For more details on this project, check out 'Life in a Day' on YouTube. To take a look at some of the great cameras we'll be using to film our lives in a day, visit our brands page.
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