Liquid Image Video Mask 310 Makes it Possible to Record and Take Photos Underwater

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Recently one of my friends went on a diving trip to Panama.  For a week straight he dove in the best spots that Panama had to offer.  Upon his return, he described it as, “incredible”.  Immediately, I wanted to see pictures.  Although I might not have been able to accompany him on his trip to Panama and explore the seas, I would like to witness for myself what he saw secondhand. 

Unfortunately, he had no evidence, proof, or documentation.  For all I know, he could have been hanging out on the beach all week getting a good tan.  I figure, if he is going to be a diver, he needs to get a mask that captures pictures.

I suggested the Liquid Image Video Mask 310.  It just arrived in stores so the mask has the latest technology, and it is affordable – only $150.  You can use this mask for dives up to 33 feet.  The camera has a 5-megapixel resolution.  You can take pictures with it or capture video.  In addition, you get 2 GB worth of memory with your purchase, a USB cable, a carrying case, and the software to use the camera with your computer.  Order your liquid image scuba mask camera today! 

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