Most Creative RMA Processed Ever

GoPro Warranty Return with old Shirt and Sock

Last week our girls unwrapped a special present which was a soldier of a GoPro that had been returned after about 11 months of use. Unfortunately, it had fallen down in its duties and was being returned for warranty replacement.  Much to our surprise we received an old painting shirt and a gym sock padding the contents in the box!

Since we strive to provide the best return/exchange practices online, we’ve gone ahead and replaced all of the “damaged” items with new ones. While we cant say who this person is, we are sending him a brand new GoPro HD HERO plus our "Video or it Didn’t Happen" T-shirt and a new pair of socks. Please accept our thanks at your amazing and creative wrapping job, and getting your GoPro back to us safely.

Point of View Cameras with dirty Shirt and Sock    Point of View Cameras with Replacement Camera, Shirt, and Socks

The Iceberg Team


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