Paintball Warfare (GoPro HD HERO)

[GoPro HD HERO & Available Mounts Shot on the tall 4:3 1280x960@30fps setting]

This is the first time I've used the Hero to play paintball (or Real Action Marker) and the results are amazing...
I Attached onto my helmet and sometimes clamped at the stock of the weapon to get that Call of Duty feel. OK, I'm a video game geek.

Shot on the tall 4:3 1280x960@30fps setting so you can see more of the top and bottom.
So here's a quick montage of me in action and more importantly to show off the power of the Hero. I just wish I shot more people up close to show you the detail of the powder smashing against someone.

RAM is pretty much the same as paintball although you get to use replica weapons and use clips that hold 20 rounds each, resulting in a more realistic feel of actual combat. Although I must say the RAM guns right now are not very accurate.

One peculiar thing about wargames in Hong Kong, and unlike paintball, gamers love to dress up and probably wear better equipment than most real soldiers!
You could call it 'combat cosplay'.

Filmed at Training Camp, Hong Kong: Weapons courtesy of APS Paintball Limited:

Edwin Lee

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