Point of View Hang Gliding with a ContourHD

Graziano ‬M‪ele from ‬the T‪oronto ‬School For‪ High Perspective grabbed a view of his own perspective with a ContourHD camera attached to an extension pole at the front of his glider. Filming with a nose cam effect, we get to see a head on view of Graziano as he glides over the landscape. In his first flight of the day, Graziano had 3 of his now 4 ContourHD cameras secured to his sport2-155 red glider… but one fell from its mounting place beneath the wing, falling for 1000 feet before it hit the ground. Thanks to Contour‘s durable, rough and tumble construction, the camera survived and with help from the viewpoint of the camera attached to the front of the glider, Graziano managed to locate the stray ContourHD.

The take offs were fast and winds were strong, but the ContourHD’s strength pushed through, capturing the flight, with a little bit of bounce and movement from the pole. This video is very well done and gives you a different perspective than usual, taking in the patchwork of the fields in the background, while the sharp red glider fills the foreground. The landing is a little rough at the end, but it’s all taken with good humor as the glider roles over, with Graziano still attached!

We’d like to thank Graziano ‬M‪ele for sharing this video with us, we look forward to seeing and sharing more of his creations in the future. We are also excited to see what he manages to create upon receipt of his pre-ordered ContourGPS camera! Stay tuned!

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