Pumpkin Ski Traverse filmed with VholdR ContourHD1080p

helmet cam

The Pumpkin Traverse is a high-level ski traverse near Lake Louise.

According to Chic Scott, the traverse gets its name from the fact that it was often done as a training exercise by National Park wardens sporting their bright orange jackets.
We skied the Pumpkin on January 30-31st , 2010 spending one night winter camping just before Rebout Lake. Total ski / climb time was approx. 9 hours, total elevation gain of about 1200m over a distance of approx. 21 km.

The first seven-eight hours on the 30th was spent climbing and summiting and the last two hours on 31st was spent skiing out from Rebout lake back to the cars (most of which was downhill). 

The snow could have been better, but great company and scenery made up for it.  We traveled from elevation of about 1700 m (Fish Creek parking) to a high of 2714 m (Summit of Lipalian Mountain), climbing Purple Peak (~2650m ) and Unity Peak (~2650m ) along the way. Snow coverage was less than ideal so we had to abandon our skis at the base of Unity Peak and boot pack to the top of it. Definitely worth it to bag another summit ☺

Many of the segments were filmed using the ContourHD 1080p helmet cam.
The rest was shot using a hand-held HD cam.

The below video from this fun traverse was shot and edited by Ewen Clark from Vigor Media

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