Sandbox: Testing the GoPro Suction Cup Mount

[GoProHD Digital Camera Test with Suction Cup Mount]

This video was shot entirely in and around our home in Whistler BC, Canada

Camera Settings:
We mostly shoot in the 1080/30p setting to have the widest angle HD quality footage.

Thoughts on the GoPro Suction Cup Mount:
The suction cup mount really surprised us and worked well beyond our expectations. It stuck really well to a lot of different surfaces; truck windows and side panels, snowmobiles, and snowboards. You can see in the video that we use the suction cup mount to attach the GoPro HD to a snowboard. The rider actually jumps a huge road gap and lands into deep powder and the camera stays attached to the snowboard perfectly.

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Click Here for the Interview w/ Kevin Sansalone @ Sandbox

Thanks to Sandbox for putting this video together! grin
For more information on Sandbox, you can check out their website: Sandbox

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