Interview w/ Sandbox - Why the GoPro HD?

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We have teamed up with Sandbox to help bring you quality blogs, reviews and footage of the GoPro HD cameras.  Kevin Sansalone from Sandbox shares his thoughts on filming techniques using the GoPro HD helmet camera. Stay tuned for some great videos from these talented guys!

Sandbox Interview w/ Kevin Sansalone

[PointofViewCameras] How did you first become interested in film production?

[Sandbox] We have been filming each other riding since the early 90’s and started putting videos together as a hobby in the off season or when I was injured.

[PointofViewCameras] How would you describe your film making process?

[Sandbox] In the old days we would just go out a snowboard everyday and film our friends and film our travels. It was all very casual back then. Now it’s little more of a professional process but still nothing like a major production. We assemble a crew of riders, raise money from their sponsors and industry companies. Then we assemble some filmers and make a plan for the season. Locations depend on weather and snow conditions so we have to be very flexible on a daily basis. We shoot all winter then edit all summer long and release the film in September and travel the premiere tour all fall until the snow falls and we start it all over again.

[PointofViewCameras] What do you consider the elements of a good film? A great one?

[Sandbox] I consider it a good project if the crew does the very best they can with the resources they have been give. There are huge productions out there that do a bad job even with a bigger budget. I also see the reverse; some young crew with no budget but they are really creative and put out a good film.

[PointofViewCameras] What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced while filming?

[Sandbox] For us it’s weather and snow conditions.

[PointofViewCameras] How has the GoPro HD helped changed the way you film?

[Sandbox] We have done a fair bit of POV shots in the past but this opens the door for a lot more possibilities and ways to be creative. The Go Pro can fit into any situation and is also a great back up angle for the A camera.

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[PointofViewCameras] How did you decide on using the GoPro HD?

[Sandbox] We have tried and seen a lot of these small cameras out there but nothing works right and most are more of a hassle to deal with than the shots they produce. We knew the Go Pro had everything we needed in a POV camera but we were just waiting for the HD version to come out to jump on board and have it out with us full time.

[PointofViewCameras] What program(s) do you use to edit your videos?

[Sandbox] We use Final Cut Pro

[PointofViewCameras] What resolution settings do you use for different filming situations?

[Sandbox] We mostly shoot the Go Pro at 720/30p for the widest angle shots.

[PointofViewCameras] Do you have any filming suggestions for other people?

[Sandbox] Not giving away any secrets until our film is done, haha no just kidding. Definitely tether the camera whenever you mount it on something, you don’t want to loose it in the snow or water.

[PointofViewCameras] Where can readers view your films and learn more about you?

[Sandbox] Check out for all of our trailers and to buy our films

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Sandbox is Kevin Sansalone and Clayton Larsen, along with a team of very talented, snowboarders, filmers and designers. With over nine years of film production experience, we are creating films for everyone to enjoy. Kevin has been snowboarding for over twenty years, and has been completely involved with every aspect of the sport, from competing, filming and marketing, to snowboard construction and design. Clayton is the principal filmer, editor and music supervisor with an innovative vision for snowboard filmmaking.

Taking a different approach to snowboard film making, Sandbox is a production company that has exceeded our expectations. With the success of Sandbox and the award winning Flavor Country, Time Well Wasted and All Day Everyday titles under our belts, we have proven that we have the experience and passion to produce a high quality, marketable and entertaining film. With momentum rolling strong, the Sandbox crew is out shooting once again for our fifth release, Shine On, which will start it’s World Premiere Tour and retail sales release in September 2009. Unique footage, good riding and fun are the focus once again for this years Sandbox crew.

Come join us on our whirlwind adventures of traveling and exploring snow covered locations in pursuit of the ultimate snowboard experience!

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