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If you are a diver, you would probably really love to capture all of the amazing things that you see while diving.  However, it would probably be difficult to hold a camera and swim.  Let alone, where are you going to get a hold of a camera that is waterproof?  Apparently, a lot of divers today who want to capture their diving experiences are purchasing masks that have cameras installed in them.  It is a great concept and very user friendly. 

However, you probably do not want to buy the ski mask that the local convenience store offers.  Instead, you want to buy the one that is backed by those in the industry.  At the same time, you do not want to pay a fortune for it.  Diving is already an expensive hobby.  You don’t want to tact on more money to it if you do not have to.

The good news is Liquid Image Swim Masks are actually affordable.  And, many people who dive regularly use these masks.  In fact, Liquid Image actually produces masks for those who are diving for search and rescue purposes and military divers.  Their masks take video footage and pictures.  They also come with a warranty in case anything happens to it.  Buy one of their masks today and start capturing your diving experiences.

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