The Contour Comparison

You guys asked for it, here it is!

I recently set up a side by side comparison of Contour’s growing arsenal of very capable helmet cameras. The results were exactly as they should be… in order of best picture overall (in my opinion):

  • 1st Place: Contour+ with it’s six element glass lens, GPS, Bluetooth, HDMI live out, mic input, waterproof case option and other features make this model stand out from it’s little brothers.
  • 2nd Place: ContourGPS with a four element glass lens, GPS and the ability to dial in the exposure settings with Bluetooth directly from your smartphone!
  • 3rd Place: ContourROAM at such an affordable price, this latest edition to the Contour family is a perfect fit. Striped of some extras with some new features added in such as the one slide power on and record switch, build in battery, and built in waterproofness it places it a very close third.

I guess if you compared three Ferraris one would have to come first, but they would still all be sick cars!

Thank you Contour, for giving us options smile


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