GoPro Hero Saves the Trip

One month ago I found myself in a messy situation.  I had left my home in Ontario for a Kiteboarding adventure in Peru.  I was to stay in the most luxurious hotel in Mancora for 14 days at no cost but the time of making a promotional video.

Upon arrival I checked out the hotel, taking a day or two to settle in and figure out the kiteboarding scene. It was now time to begin my work on the video.  After talking to the owner about video requirements I found myself in a huge rut. The video camera I brought only shot with a standard, narrow lens. How was I supposed to show off the size of each suite, the fine dining, and the yoga studio when all I can get in the frame was a single bed? I’m done for.

Enters the HD Hero. Thankfully I was keen on photographing my Peruvian kiteboard adventures and decided to bring my GoPro HD Hero.  Little did I know it was about to save the trip. This camera boasts a wide-angle fish eye lens capable of fitting everything in the frame while matching the 1080p resolution that my regular video camera shoots. GoPro to the rescue!

I quickly grabbed the GoPro, tripod and tripod mount and went into my room to test it out. I opened all the doors up to let light into the room and set-up the camera in the corner. I got a couple pans of the room and immediately hooked the camera up to my computer to check out the results…Perfect! With just a small pan, the GoPro was able to show off the size and splendor of each room in high definition.  I was now worry free as I kiteboarded for the rest of the day knowing that when it came time to get the shots, I had a camera for every possible scenario.

I am continuously finding new uses for the GoPro Hero HD, the latest being promotional and real estate videos. Next time you find yourself in a pinch, bring out the GoPro to save the day…or the trip.

~Brendan - Big Fall Productions~

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