What You Get With A VholdR Helmet Camera

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Today adventure sport’s enthusiasts are becoming more technically advanced.  Instead of recapping their experiences in words, they are using video and pictures.  How is that even possible?  There are many great cameras out there made to work with these adventurers.  So, whether you kayak, surf, mountain bike, race, dirt bike, etc. the cameras all capture the experience from your point of view.  They are made to mount to a surface such as your helmet and most people say they are extremely easy to use.  In fact, there is a great new camera on the market today you might want to look into.  VholdR’s new ContourHDTM is the first wearable HD camcorder.

This HD camcorder was designed for the adventurer in you.  It is extremely durable while at the same time providing high quality video.  The camcorder is very easy to use and it comes complete with a variety of mounting options and accessories.  The camcorder has a 135-degree wide-angle lens, which will allow you to capture everything around you.  Additionally, it also includes an internal microphone. 

When you purchase the camcorder, you receive software that allows you to edit your videos and share them online.  It’s the perfect camcorder for your adventures and it’s affordable.  Buy one today.

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